Monday, February 2, 2009

Mi-2 bord 211 Taxi Test

While Bruce was working on the Mi-24 which was damaged in shipping, Tracie took Mi-2 bord 211 (which is approaching its airworthiness certificate) for a taxi test on Sunday. Museum members followed closely on one of the electric carts for safety reasons.

At least, that's the way we saw it. The DFW Wing of the CAF is located on the other end of airport. At their hangar, the conversation went something more like this:

CAF Guy #1: Hey Bruce, isn't that one of y'all's helicopters?

Bruce: Why, why, yes it is!

CAF Guy #1: It looks like it's racing a golf cart.

CAF Guy #2: It looks like the golf cart is winning!

CAF Guy #3: I've got five dollars on the golf cart.

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