Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Have you seen something beautiful today?

I was encouraged to add a few words to this blog. As preconditions I want it to be 1990 and I want to hand-write it on wide-ruled paper and I want to never be so lucky if I fail to complete it in a timely manner. Hence, braving some modesty... Here we go.

I found a really serene picture that I would like to share. Last Tuesday, after getting some new Teflon fuel and oil lines and bleeding the air from the fuel pump, 211 gets a run-up before being put to bed for the night. What was otherwise a quiet and still evening in the Lancaster countryside was brought to life by the all too familiar starting sound of two turbine engines of a Soviet Mi-2 helicopter.

Have you seen something beautiful today?

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  1. I love Blogs in that you find the most intersting things here. I have to admit that finding you is a diamond. You even have my favorite, the HIND!