Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finished Finnish Fouga

Some problems are good problems to have. For example, the museum has more flyable aircraft than it has pilots... our Fouga hasn't flown much this year, mostly for lack of a pilot.

This particular Fouga is a Fine, Flying Fouga made in Finland. The Fins made 81 Fougas under license from the French (the most lucid answer anyone's ever given to the question "Why does it have a V-tail?" seems to be "It's French!"), this one is serial number 80. Fougas are graceful aerial ballerinas and were used by many, many aerobatic demonstration teams (did you know that Ireland has an aerobatic demonstration team? They flew Fougas for a while.) This one needs only an annual, a sponsor (hey, Nokia!?) and some tender loving care and it would be flying regularly.

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