Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting a Fish out of Bed

We recently moved the MiG-21 from the storage hangar to the maintenance hangar. It had languished there, out of sight, out of mind. It was time for it to get some attention.

It was still on rollers, too low to get jacks under it.

First, we raised it up and got it on a collection of wood pallets. Our thinking is that we'll attach the wings and then get jacks under the aircraft to lift it up about six feet so that we can drop the gear.

Then we took the wings out of their shipping stands and put them first on pallets then raised them with the forklift and put them on L-39 wing dollys. The wings are heavy and it helps to have some big guys who can muscle them around. Here George the Dog is seen keeping an eye on Todd and supervising as well.

Eventually we got both wings on dollys and everybody posed for a picture.

Tracie posed for a calendar picture as well.

Much work needs to be done. The wing pins need to be rehabilitated and the fairings need some sheet metal work. And then there's that whole "getting the engine running" thing we need to worry about.


  1. Oh, well THIS is fun. I just discovered that the last two draft posts I'd saved no longer exist. Gone! I'm going back and forth between sending a frantic email to my tech folks and just letting it go. You know, trying out this crazy Zen business I hear so much about.

    In the meantime, I will tell you that this is kind of a fun weekend, much more to come. It will end in celebration - for sure. Work with these guys that work has always been a tricky admonition for me. I don't always know when to start and stop. It's like, once the faucet is on, you're gonna need a wrench and some duct tape to shut it off. This is why I cannot stand around to just watch. I must do something (real or pretend, it seems) in fear or pain. Does not compute.

    Also, I will tell you that I had the most enjoyable time being out there filming these guys toiling away. They have the most ingenious ideas, the most delectable personalities I've seen. And they always end the day with a smile!