Sunday, November 22, 2009

Supersonic Cowboys - Captain Ron Knott

The F-8 Crusader was the first operational fighter with a top speed in excess of 1,000 mph and the last American fighter with guns as a primary weapon.

Ron Knott, author of Supersonic Cowboys, a compilation of stories about the valiant F-8 and her pilots, found us this weekend.

Ron's book is available through his web site, where more information can be found about Ron, his book and his support for our country. We appreciate Ron's visit and we honor Ron and all those whose stories are told in Supersonic Cowboys.

Ron's son Kerry, a private pilot, got a taste for fast flight in an L29 trainer. As a flying museum, we value seeing this kind of experience passed from generation to generation.

68SJ is one of the L29's actively flying at Lancaster. Currently there are four U.S. licensed L29s with eight rated pilots based at the airport. No longer showing her Bulgarian colors, Bord 45 is now painted in a unique design created by her local pilot team.

Following Kerry's flight Sunday morning, another group arrived Sunday afternoon. On those occasions when someone has the opportunity to fly with one of the pilots of these aircraft, friends and family may come to share in a unique, generally once-in-a-lifetime, experience.

These kids are sharing dad's fun along with other family members through 68SJ's on-board cameras.

This kind of second life for these former soviet block jets could hardly have been envisioned by their designers and former flight crews.

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  1. This aircraft was originally from Bulgaria (yes, we know you guys are watching :-)