Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sample Nutplates Received

Our friend Bernd found some nutplates for the Cold War Air Museum. MiG-21. They came from a warehouse in former East Germany and we just received samples to evaluate for our project.

He says the guys know they may never repair another MiG (never, ever) but in communist tradition, they must hold on to what they have. Fortunately Bernd can bridge both worlds and was able to charm them into letting us have samples of the parts we may need. With luck, we'll be able to help some budding entrepreneurs find a market for some of their hoarded parts AND get the parts we need. If not, we'll have to implement Plan B (always have a Plan-B).

Capitalism/Communism was portrayed as an either/or -- I win/(you lose) game. The best portrayal of free trade and free enterprise is, that it is a win/win game. If you have what I want and sell it to me, I get what I want and you get what you want. Neither was happy before, both are happy after.

Thanks Bernd! Thanks guys.

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