Monday, November 2, 2009

MiG-21 Nutplates

Help is needed to locate a source for nutplates for the MiGs!

In an earlier post we talked about the harsh conditions these aircraft lived under and how we had to drill out many of the skin fasteners that had rusted in place.

These fasteners may be called nut plates in the U.S. or anchor nuts overseas, but whatever you call them, the sizes we encounter in the MiGs and Mils do not match current U.S. or European rivet hole spacing. We have tried several different sources with no luck. All say "sure, is no problem" and then send us something they think we want. Our problem is we need "what was", not "what is". We finally talked to a mechanic who told us "Yes, he was sure there was a warehouse full of thousands of what we needed somewhere". But, someone would have to just go around looking until they found what we were looking for.

We were fortunate to find 25 pieces called out as AM5GB630 that were a perfect replacement for the 5mm double lug parts we need. We and our supplier thought that he could get more, but alas that was not to be. It turns out that he had bought a thousand "from a Russian warehouse" several years ago and these were the last 25 of those thousand. When he called back, he found there were no more to be had and now he has an aircraft of his own waiting on these very same parts to be repaired. When we find some, he needs some back!

Here's a challenge for all our Cold War Air Museum readers. Below are pictures and drawings of the parts we. need. Most importantly, we need the 5mm single and double lug non-capped fasteners. If someone knows where fasteners of this vintage can be found we would be very, very grateful. In the same series, we have a lesser need for other sizes as well.

You can contact us by using the comment link below or email us through the contact page on the main museum site. Thank you!

5mm Single Lug, above

5mm Double Lug, above

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it. This Blog will self-erase upon completion of this mission. Cue Theme music here - dum dum, da da, dum dum, de de ... etc.