Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A MiG-21's Tail

Recently we have posted a lot of pictures and videos of progress on the MiG-23 (and more will be coming). But our recent work push at the Cold War Air Museum also included the MiG-21 and Helicopters.

After static display at the Warbirds on Parade event, the MiG was put back up on jacks and stands for more work.

The tail (which had only been attached temporarily for the show) came back off so the tailpipe, nozzle and connections could be properly attached.

This time when the tail went back on, all of the hydraulics and electrics were attached and the tailpipe was mated to the roller guides in the aft fuselage with high temperature grease. It should not need to come off again unless a problem turns up in testing.

The working end of the engine appears ready to consume petrochemicals ($$$s) at a prodigious rate.


  1. The Kazik brothers should apply for a patent on their "use a MiG-23 engine dolly as a MiG-21 tail stand" device. :-)

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