Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mil Mi-2, Bord 213 nears operational readiness

Another Cold War Air Museum, Mi-2 is near her FAA sign-off.

The bright tail rotor on 213 stands out. The colors distinctively identify this tail rotor as having once been destined for a German base. Pete shows the relative size of the aircraft and where we have some clean-up left to do.

In order to show the ships tail, the first picture above violated the photographer's dictum that "you should never take a photograph of a woman or an airplane from behind".To make up for that first picture, here is another. Paint touch-up will come after everything else is done.

Like her sister ship 211, Bord 213 will soon have a basic complement of U.S. compatible radios. The instrument panel hinges forward to allow access behind the panel. Power for the soon-to-be panel mounted radios is being run from the communications breaker panel above the pilot on the left.