Friday, January 23, 2009

MiG-23 Update

Vertical stabilizer attached to MiG-23 tail section. Once that's on, all the shrouding can be replaced and the tail pipe re-inserted.

We were told by our friends in Poland that compared to slipping the engine in to the airframe, getting all the pins to fit on the vertical stabilizer was going to be "much harder". No kidding... things fit precisely. And nothing sissy about getting the parts to fit, either. One of the mechanics asked for a hammer and we got him one of the usual ball-peen variety. No, no, that wasn't big enough. So we located a serious hand-sledge. "Ahhh!" he said, obviously pleased with the massive Persuader, "Russian Hammer!"

To someone who's used to the huge bundles of wires in western aircraft, the amount of equipment needing connecting in the MiG is surprisingly spartan. We like it that way... less to get wrong.

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