Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mig 23 wings attached

Another long day for the volunteers.

The wheels and jack screws on the wing fixtures allow the wings to be moved and positioned for alignment with the fuselage. On the left, a wing is shown before it is pushed into final position. The Mig-23 is a "swing wing" aircraft. The wings swing forward for takeoff and landing, and swing back for high speed flight. The pivot point is the pin assembly. The picture on the right shows a pin assembly on the floor below the wing attach point.

The wings are manually moved into position and adjusted until the bearing holes align.

Once the wing is perfectly aligned, the pin can be dropped into place. The pin acts as a strong pivot bearing and is the single structural attach point for the wing.

After the pin is positioned and rotated for alignment, a smaller keeper pin is inserted, locking it in place. Getting everything just right puts a smile on Bill's face.

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