Saturday, January 24, 2009

NOTAAM Meeting and MiG-23 Cockpit Pictures

The North Texas Association of Aviation Museums meeting was hosted by the CAF DFW Wing at Lancaster. After the meeting, a group came over to visit the Cold War Air Museum.

Sammie Perez, a student at Skyline High, a Dallas magnet school that has a Part 147 FAA A&P training program, took some pictures and sent them to us. Thanks Sammie! We haven't posted cockpit pictures of the MiG-23 before.

Somebody, somewhere has an explanation of why MiG chose this crazy color for all their cockpits. We're looking forward to matching it some day at the paint store. :-)

Update: Here's Sammie in the cockpit of the MiG-23.


  1. that's my bro! no really, he is my brother...
    future aerospace engineer ? i think so..hes pretty brainy for a young man his age..keep an eye out for him after college..

    thanks to his teacher at Skyline and the people at the CAF DFW Wing for your encouragement...