Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bord 120 Transmission RTS

After their bath, the transmission assemblies went through several
more stages of cleanup, checkout and lubrication before they were ready to Return To Service (RTS). The planetary gears in the upper section connect the inner hub gear and outer ring gear in this lower section.

Nearing the final step, the assemblies were test fitted and spun by hand to feel for any remaining tightness or binding.

To successfully mate the halves, a template was made to preset the planetary gears so they would drop down between the lower gear head and ring gear when mated.

After the insides were cleaned and ready to go, the exterior was thoroughly cleaned and repainted.

Then the rotor head, which was also cleaned and serviced was reattached.

The entire assembly will be lifted back to the top of the helicopter and installed in a cleaned compartment.

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