Friday, April 10, 2009

Airworthiness Certificate Issued

Fantastic news! Two and a half years of hard work has finally paid off!

The FAA visited the museum today, gave Mi-2 bord 211 a thorough inspection (especially paperwork!) and issued an Experimental Exhibition airworthiness certificate.

This makes 211 one of the few flying Mi-2s in the United States and the only one on permanent public display in the western hemisphere.


  1. Great work guys! Especially to all the mechanics, volunteers and the guys that do all the paper work! The work is never done, and it's all done behind the scene!

    At Random Thoughts's comment; I am sure you have much worthy accomplishment to show for, but these guys worked very hard to get the Mi-2 approved, perhaps a little encouragement would do no harm... In opposed to your satisfaction in stupidly of untying your own rectum. I strongly suggest more fiber for you!