Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its that time of year again, L39 Annuals

Every year our flying aircraft get a condition inspection.
L39, Bord 107 is being moved into the maintenance hanger for this annual event. Bord 25 can be seen in the background. It has been moved out to make room and will be stored temporarily in another hanger.

We took the opportunity to clean and straighten the work area while the aircraft were being moved. In addition to other work, the aircraft will be placed on jacks and hooked to an external hydraulic mule so gear and system checks can be run.

Bord 25, seen past the noses of the Mig21 and L39 will have an engine test run while it is outside to keep its conservation up to date.

Jon supervises students and volunteers as they set up the jacks under the aircraft. The jacks contain a level and should be set precisely vertical before use. our student volunteers are from the Dallas School District Aviation program at Skyline High School.

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