Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mighty Mini-Mule

The downside to confessing one's sins on a blog is that there are so many helpful "friends" around the world that are only too happy to assist you in fully understanding the full scope and detail of how you've screwed up. How not only the specific thing you've done is wrong, but macroscopically, how your whole approach is less than bright.

My friend Bernd made this placard for me... with "best regards from Germany". The worst of it is, as safety officer for the museum, I have to agree that it's probably a pretty good idea!

He points out that a large mule is not necessary and that this 24 volt mule meant for the Mi-24 will work just fine on the L-39 (and probably not make a hydraulic lake on the hangar floor).

I like it, but I worry that if this thing ever went through an x-ray machine, we'd be detained by the TSA for having a nuclear suitcase bomb.

With friends like this... :-) Still, over the weekend of May 2nd we're meeting up with Bernd at the music festival in Bautzen near his home town. If someone has a Russian nuclear radiation sticker I can slip on his mule while he's not looking, please contact me!


  1. Yes, but with our mule, we can make a bigger puddle on the floor, faster. ;-)

  2. Perhaps work is an over statement as to the effort Jon puts forth on the L-39. The hydraulic recovery system (towels wrung into a bucket) show the Soviet system is not dead, just moved to KLNC

  3. Jon is not alone....The guys in Norway did it; the guys in Duxford did it, and many others too. So the Soviet system is not dead, it’s just occupying the civil L-39 world.
    (And honestly, I did it too… - but this was back in 1978)

  4. Bernd, would you have a spare hydraulic mule like this one? I need one urgently.
    Best regards
    Paris, France

  5. Contact