Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bord 120, Engine Reinstallation

After the transmission repair on Mi-24 Bord 118, it was necessary to put everything back in its place. A frequent visitor walked in, looked around and said "I can tell you're making progress. The pile of parts on the floor is getting smaller."

The transmission was set in a cleaned compartment and all mechanical and hydraulic systems were reconnected.

Then the engines were reinstalled. Everything is cleaner and shiner now than when we started, making it easier to work on and ensure that everything is in ship-shape condition.

Completing the process was an actual engine run and spin up of the unit. The original video shows a smoothly spinning rotor. Because of variations in download speed and machine speeds, videos can appear jerky when replayed on a computer. If the rotor hub appears stationary or "jerky" on your computer, it is an artifact of the computer replay.