Friday, April 17, 2009

Ready to start hopping

Hard work really does pay off.

In anticipation of receiving our airworthiness certificate last week, we were busy checking and testing systems on Mi-2, Bord 211. So busy in fact, that we are just now catching up with this posting about getting ready.

Zach and the techs gave the entire airframe and especially the engine compartment a good looking over.

Zach and Tracie, both experienced Rotary Wing Associates, used checklists to make sure nothing was overlooked in systems checkout.

After extensive work and preparation, our application to the FAA for an Airworthiness Certificate for our Mi-2, Bord 211 was granted and the aircraft is now licensed in the Experimental Exhibition category. After flying off our test program, we expect to be taking the newest flying member of the museum to several airshows and events this summer.

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